Unlocking the Mind

NOTE: This is an exercise for the Writing  101 workshop.

Even though this should be the first exercise, I’m making this my second. I find that free writing for me is easier than having to write about prompts given. I actually tried to write a story that has three points of view but I still need to work on my storytelling and I was too tired to even get past the first paragraph, so I decided to do that challenge later.

Today I was thinking about my plans for this blog. Or rather, what I am going to write about. But because my mind always wanders into the endless possibilities of topics to post, I decided to list down (in my head) what I am NOT going to write about:

  1. Work. Aside from the legal implications that writing about my current employment might somehow get me in trouble later, I also figured that talking about work is pretty boring, even my wonderful SO, who usually listens to whatever story I tell him no matter how lame they were, expressed disinterest in it. He even asked me to stop thinking about work too much, which I think is also an implication that I should stop talking about it.
  2. My SO. It is no secret that I am in love. Everyone, from my family and distant relatives to my real and Facebook friends, I have been head-over-heels in love with an amazing man for over nine months now. However, I am not too comfortable about sharing our relationship to the public too much, so I may only write about him (or us) when something exciting has happened, or when it is for a prompt that can be related to me and my SO.

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