A Room With A View

NOTE: This is a post for the Writing 101 workshop.

When I get stressed out from the intense pressure at work, it’s easy to think of a place I’d rather go to if I could zoom through space and in the speed of light. It is not my room (too boring), the mall (too crowded), or a café (I need to stop spending too much on food), but another place I went to what seemed like a lifetime ago.

Good morning!

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This is not your ordinary beach resort.

In the picture, no one was lounging around outside because this was not open to the public when we visited in 2013. I took this picture when I just woke up and went out to the balcony of my cottage to admire this view on a lovely summer morning.

The water was calm because nobody was swimming. Not since the day before, when my parents, my two brothers, my aunt, and I, ran towards the shore and swam all afternoon.

The yacht was docked because we didn’t need it yet. My family and I were its only passengers that time.

When a close acquaintance of my dad invited us to his beach property, we thought we would only be staying in a beach house, and not a beach resort. So imagine our surprise when we saw this:

I took this photo before we left.
View of Samal Shores from the dock.

The water was so blue and clear, you could see the rocks on the bottom. At a glance you would think that part with the rocks is shallow, but it’s not; I swam all the way there and it was already more than 5 feet deep.

The sand was white and unbelievably flat, as if no one had ever set foot there before. We later learned from the staff that it was imported from another white beach in the country, and (as seen in the picture) that it was raked at least once a day to look tidy.

The white umbrellas and the recliners underneath were inviting. I swore to myself I would sit in every chair before our time there is over (Spoiler alert: I didn’t get to).

The coconut trees swaying in the summer breeze made the place look cool and relaxing despite the summer heat penetrating our skins.

As soon as we got there, we rode a long golf cart to the reception area and were greeted by a staff member holding a tray of wet towels and cold water bottles for each of us.

When we went inside our respective cottages, we couldn’t help but feel at home.

A panoramic view of our cottage.
A panoramic photo of our cottage.

The bed was comfortable, and the linens smelled like they have just been washed (my favorite scent). The furniture was minimal, but we never really used them all aside from putting our stuff on. The TV was barely used. The bathroom (not shown in the picture) was spacious and clean, I showered longer than I usually do because I had too much fun dancing around. There was also a balcony that had a lovely view of the resort.

The balcony.
The balcony in my parents’ cottage. I didn’t get to take a picture of my own cottage’s balcony, but it was similar to this.

From my cottage, I could see the infinity pool, the pool bar, the beach, and the other island far away.

The view from my cottage.
The view from my cottage.

What took my breath away, however, was the cottage ceiling–

The ceiling of the cottage I'm sleeping in.

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It was like a sundial. At night, I stared at that beautiful thing, marvelling at this luxurious place and letting my imagination run wild while I thought of what I’d do if I could live there forever.

I would love to go back to Samal Shores.

I would love to lounge by the poolside again and drink coconut water straight from the fruit.

Nothing better than fresh buko juice on a hot summer's day.

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I would love to eat breakfast while looking over the beach.

Photo 4-8-13, 7 32 13 AM


If only I could have that place as my getaway every weekend, then maybe I’d feel more refreshed and motivated to get through each week. For now, however, memories of when I spent my time there with my family will help me relieve my stress even for a bit.


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