7 Things I Learned While Abstaining From Juice Drinks

It has been a week since I started taking baby steps to lose weight starting with avoiding juice drinks, and while it has been a rough start I still managed to learn a few things

7 things I learned while abstaining from juice drinks

  1. I cannot give up juice, not when I just discovered cucumber lemonade.
  2. Cucumber lemonade tastes like heaven, while cucumber water does not.
  3. Cucumber water is an acquired taste, which I did not like until after drinking around 2 liters of it.
  4. Cucumber water seems to be more refreshing than ice-cold water.
  5. Since I started bringing a 1-liter tumbler of cucumber water around with me, I managed to drink 3 to 4 liters a day.
  6. Cucumber water seems to be more rehydrating than normal water; I recommend this as a post-workout drink.
  7. I am now obsessed with cucumber water. I wonder how it will taste when I add lemon slices to it tomorrow.

The obvious conclusion here is I have grown to love the taste of cucumber, whether it’s in my salad, in my lemonade, or in my water. If you haven’t tried drinking cucumber water (or, if you’re not on a diet like me, cucumber lemonade) I suggest doing it now.

What healthy food or drink did you not expect to like until you actually tried it?


One thought on “7 Things I Learned While Abstaining From Juice Drinks

  1. I unfortunately dislike cucumber (tried my best not to use the word ‘hate’ ;) ). But lemon and mint, that I love. And an added benefit is that lemon does help in weight loss too.


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