A Mozzarella Orange: Nelle’s Writing Space

This should have been my first blog post. But just like the reason I did not put up an “About” page (yet), I never thought it was important because I did not think anyone would care. However, after publishing a few blog posts and gaining a few followers, I figured now is the right time to introduce myself a second time (the first one was explaining why I am blogging again).

Who’s Nelle?

It’s me. Nelle is the name I have answered to since my friends in college found out my first name. It is the name that my co-workers call me when they need something. It is the name that Jacob calls me when we are having a serious conversation. It is not the name that my parents call me when I am in trouble.

My writing space

This blog is my haven. It is a place for me to express my thoughts without being interrupted. When I get upset or flustered I tend to mumble, talk too fast, or choke on my words that the person I’m talking to could not understand a thing I say. With writing, I can complete what I want to say and be able to edit it before showing it to my reader–no mumbling or talking too fast. I still need to work on being more descriptive since I tend to be short on words sometimes.

Unlike other bloggers here who say that writing is their passion, to me writing is a chore. It is a daily exercise that I must do so I could learn to express myself better.

Even though I publish a new post every other week or so, I actually write every day–or at least I try to. I am just slow at outlining ideas and constructing them into an actual piece, and on some days I chose to sleep early instead of staying awake for at least 30 minutes to write. While I aim to publish around once a week, life won’t let me do that at the moment.

Why “A Mozzarella Orange”?

I’m saving the best question for last. A Mozzarella Orange is just an anagram of my name, though the phrase itself always makes me hungry for anything with cheese. I am having a hard time picturing its color though.

It’s your turn: what comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “a mozzarella orange”? What color do you think it actually is?


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