In one week, one of my closest friends is marrying the love of her life in Australia.

In 10 days, Jacob and I are celebrating our first anniversary–the first of many!

They say that the ‘ber months are a season for heartbreak and depression, but I disagree. Each month or season may be however you want it to be. On December last year, I decided to give love one more chance. This coming December, I, with the help of my SO, intend to keep that same love alive, and make it brighter if possible. We will let our love inspire us to be even better people than we were a year ago, though I doubt Jacob can do that when he is already the best person I know.

So when December comes, don’t say, “Please be good to me.” Be good to yourself and better things will come to you.


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  1. Congrats to your friend with her upcomming (or past I guess at this stage!) wedding and happy anniversary to you :) I like that you ended the post with “Be good to yourself and better things will come to you”. I totally agree- if you’re good to yourself, you’ll be happier and things will seem better, even if nothing huge has happened. If you know what I mean :)

    PS I haven’t been on wordpress in a while, so I’m just catching up some posts. Happy January! :D

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