NEW Meta Monday – February 2015: A Mozzarella Orange v2.0

We are already into the 2nd month of 2015–time sure flies fast! I made a promise to myself (and you guys) that I will post more regularly, and even though I am still struggling with this, I believe that things are looking up and soon you will see more of me and my writings on your Reader and/or in your email.

To show that I am taking this blogging thing more seriously, I made some major updates for AMO, which I would like to geek out about in this new themed post called “Meta Monday”–

New theme: Penscratch

I chose Penscratch as my new theme because it’s minimalist, which gives me a lot of room for customization. Of course, I started taking advantage of this by putting my first custom header everrr.


I created the header in Adobe Photoshop, following the header dimensions specified in the Custom Design page. I got the fonts from, which offers a lot of free fonts for personal/non-commercial use.  As for the orange and pink backgrounds, I used one of the default brushes and veeerrryyy carefully slid it across the letters. Guess how many times I did that before getting satisfied with the results? Wrong. Just kidding, I actually didn’t count.

About page

I remember impossiblebebong once looked for my About page and wondered where it is, and I admitted that I haven’t made one yet. See what kind of a blogger I am? This part of any profile is the most difficult for me to fill out. Even in my social media accounts like Facebook, I actually left “About me” blank. However, a blog needs to have a page that explains what it is and who’s updating it, so I finally created one. I looked at several blogs’ About pages for inspiration and this is what I came up with. Let me know what you think.

Widgety Widgets

I also updated my widgets that I thought would suit the current state of this blog. These include:

  • Disclaimer – Sometimes, my opinions may ruffle some feathers. Of course, the actual disclaimer paragraph sounded too serious, so I put up a silly version instead, which I found here.
  • Subscribe/follow button – When you click this, you can receive my new posts via email or see them on your Reader, you know, in case you find my blog interesting enough.
  • Archives – So you can go through ALL my posts from the beginning. No idea why you’d want to do that, though.
  • Tag cloud (which doesn’t look like a cloud at all) – In case you want to see what I usually blog about.
  • My Twitter posts – I deleted my old account a few months back, which I regret now. However, as part of the big plan I have for this blog, I decided to make a new one and am trying to post regularly there as well. Follow my feed if you find them interesting, and I promise I’ll follow yours back.
  • Blogs I follow – I am continuously discovering and following blogs on WordPress and I thought I should showcase them so my readers can check them out as well.

New posting frequency and more

Before, I only aimed to publish once a week on a Saturday. But starting February I will post once or twice a week–specifically every Monday and Saturday. And as part of the greater scheme of things, posts on these days will be under a different theme–which I have put up in the menu on top as categories, as follows:

  • Storytelling Saturdays – This is when I will publish posts that usually contain around 1,000 words that would look like a journal entry or my responses to writing prompts or writing challenges.
  • Meta Mondays – I will publish posts just like this one every first Monday of the month to share some of the site’s new features I want to bring to your attention as well as a roundup of the previous months’ posts you may have missed.

Posts you may have missed

Last month, I published 1 aside post and 3 standard posts. While I only put up the aside post to greet everyone a happy new year and explain my absence, I was able to share long posts that were published on a Saturday or Sunday (here in the Philippines, at least). These are:

An Obligatory New Year’s Post – In which I shared what I learned in 2014 and what I resolve to be/do this year, including my promise to make this blog more active.

Daddy Dearest – Inspired by one of caseyalexander’s blog posts, I shared an old travel article I wrote for my feature writing class in college.

What I Wanted To Be When I Grow Up vs. What I Am Now As A Grown Up – My most recent post, it is actually the first part of a series I am writing about my career aspirations.

I also republished an old blog post from January last year that used to be private. It’s funny and frustrating how I can’t remain consistent. First I warned that I’ll be writing a lot about my SO, then I said I will avoid writing about him, and yet I still managed to publish a couple of posts about him (1, 2). Well I’m not sorry, this is my personal blog after all, but I still maintain my promise to not make my writings all about him. That’s what secret diaries are for.

IT’S YOUR TURN TO SHARE: What recent change(s) did you make on your blog that you are excited/happy/satisfied about? What blog post did you publish last month that you are most proud of?


One thought on “NEW Meta Monday – February 2015: A Mozzarella Orange v2.0

  1. I love your new theme and what you did for the header. This looks great! Thanks for the mention :)
    I really liked the post about Discipline and Grit – it reminds us that hard work is key to success!
    Keep up the writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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