MONTHLY META: A February Roundup

First of all, I still don’t have WiFi at home. What I do have for now, though, is this unpredictable LAN connected to my brother’s computer, which I can only use for 5 hours a day at most. While this may be a lot, I used this time to work on paid writing projects, so I never really got to draft any post. Of course, I did not think about writing on any of my numerous writing apps (even just MS Word or something) that I can access offline. This is because I kept procrastinating and hoping for my WiFi connection to start working again. But since I am trying to discipline myself, I need to force myself to find other means to write and stick to my blogging schedule.

Anyway, this post is mostly about celebrating what this blog has achieved, and February was a surprisingly great month for AMO.

Stats galore

In January, this blog received a total number of 32 views from 11 visitors, which was already good in a personal blog’s standards, especially since I only published 4 times that month.

In February, however, it got a total number of 149 views from 49 visitors, after publishing 8 times. This is a personal record, as I have never gotten so much love from fellow bloggers and curious visitors. A big thanks to my Empire Avenue buddies, who not only visited some posts, but also shared them on Twitter, reposted on their own blog, and even subscribed to AMO. If this isn’t proof that engaging with others won’t grow your blog or website, no matter what it’s about, then I don’t know what is. I’m also grateful to other bloggers I follow, who also took their time to visit and leave comments. Knowing that there are people who read the stuff I write is encouraging.

New weekly feature

What I didn’t get to announce in the last Meta post was the other new weekly feature, Motivation MondayYou will see this every Monday except the first of the month (which is reserved for Monthly Meta), and it’s usually about a motivational quote from someone I know (like my Dad) or from a famous person, followed by some insights from yours truly. I chose Monday to be something inspiring because it’s the worst day of the week for most of us–after just a short two-day weekend, Monday suddenly arrives and we are then forced to go back to the grind. I hope this feature will make your day a little brighter. So far, from the views they are getting, you guys seem to love it. Thank you for your wonderful feedback

Also, if you are from the Philippines or Australia and are confused why you see this post on a Monday afternoon instead of Monday morning when it’s ideal, I actually schedule it to be posted on a Monday midnight US west coast time, since most of my readers are from there. This will be the same for my other weekly features, they are published on midnight in the US. If ever majority of my readership suddenly changes, then I might reconsider changing the schedule.

February’s must-read

Here are my top 5 posts from February. Please check them out if you haven’t yet:

  1. MOTIVATION MONDAY: What is stopping you from getting what you want?
  2. The Sins I Haven’t Committed
  3. What I wanted to be when I grow up vs. what I am now that I have grown up, part 2
  4. What would your mental checklist look like?
  5. MOTIVATION MONDAY: Two ways of spreading light

One last thing…

If you have read this far, thank you. As a reward for your commitment, please enjoy this funny comic about The Sims, one of my all-time favorite games:

Posted by yrbff @ Tumblr

Don’t you wish the last panel was true in real life?


4 thoughts on “MONTHLY META: A February Roundup

  1. is it march already? how time flies. looking forward to more posts from you. my favorite from last month was “the sins i haven’t committed” as the mere mention of “sins” aroused curiousity. :) i see that you’re doing fine. just don’t overextend yourself by keeping your priorities straight.

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