This blog will not solve any of your problems.

It does not feature tips on how to nail your job interview, how to wake up on time without pressing the snooze button, or how to mend a broken heart. It does not try to sell you e-books or online courses or point out what is lacking in your life.

This blog is personal.

I write about me and my musings, such as what I learned from participating in Writing 101, my first writing workshop. I love personal blogs that let me pick the blogger’s brain and get to know them more while broadening my horizons, and I hope you would feel the same with my posts. Some things I write may be pretty light or cheesy, but I plan to express myself more in a reflective, sort of philosophical way as I try to be more honest with myself and make sense of this life and what I could give to this world. Don’t worry, I will try not to sound euphorical or anything douchey.

I can’t promise that I will focus on one topic, nor can I promise pictures or longform articles. Right now I am prioritizing my posting frequency to at least once a week, preferably on a Saturday (and maybe some Mondays). If I manage to do that for a long time then I will challenge myself to take this blog to a new level.

My name is Nelle and this is my writing space.

I was in my Junior year in college taking up a business-related degree from one of the top universities in the Philippines when I re-discovered my love for writing. By the time I graduated, I had 1 year job experience in copywriting, but I really aspired to work in the account management aspect of marketing. I am 23 years old now, and a few days after my birthday I finally landed my dream job. Don’t worry, I do not wish to blog about work too much in fear of feeding my growing “workaholism.” Besides, I would like to make my job–no matter how much I like it–the most boring part of my life anyway.

If you want to send me a direct message, you may do so via the form on my Contact page.