MOTIVATION MONDAY: Give All You Have to Life

Quote taken from Goodreads. Photo taken from Unsplash. Edited using Canva.
Quote taken from Goodreads. Photo taken from Unsplash. Edited using Canva.

Some of us are optimistic that we will have a good week ahead. But there are others who are worried about the challenges they will face this week, whether it’s exams (like my brother), a huge meeting at work, or something else they have been worked up about. Whichever category you belong to, give it your best shot; don’t hold back. Good luck, and I hope you all have an amazing week.

MOTIVATION MONDAY: Live your life, or live to repent it

Quote from Goodreads. Photo from Unsplash. Designed using Canva.
Quote from Goodreads. Photo from Unsplash. Designed using Canva.

In the 21st century, nobody–neither man or woman–has an excuse from finding their happiness. This week, start that project that has been on your mind for a while now; go where you have always wanted to go; do not be afraid to ask for what you want. There is no promise of next month, next week, not even tomorrow, so start living.

HOW ABOUT YOU: What are you going to start this week?

MOTIVATION MONDAY: Two Ways Of Spreading Light

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.

I saw this quote on Facebook once. I forgot who posted it, but what I remember was the comment she added. It was something like: “Let’s all choose to be the candle!”

While it’s awesome to be the source of light (or kindness, or creative ideas, or delicious recipes), what’s wrong with being a mirror? What’s wrong with being a metaphorical mirror, when it helps spread the light, whether it’s emulating the acts of kindness you have seen, supporting the creative ideas you have heard,  or trying out the delicious recipes you have found and sharing what you made with others?

It’s great to aspire to become a leader, we are all encouraged to dream big. But what if you’re not there yet? Are you going to give up? Are you going to stop trying? Are you going to try putting out the light just because it didn’t come from you?

Remember that there is always another path to get to where you want to be. I believe that we are all destined to be leaders, but in different ways that we may not expect or imagine. So when you feel unfulfilled, try to reframe your mindset and ask yourself:

How am I spreading the light today?

NEW Motivation Monday: Challenge your doubting self–and win

Photo taken from Unsplash.

My dad smokes one pack of cigarettes a day and drinks at least 3 bottles of beer every night, sometimes an additional glass or two of scotch during the weekend. Given his job and status among his peers, he attends a lot of social functions (hello food and alcohol) and receives a lot of gifts (which most of the time are food, cigars, and alcohol) from his boss, colleagues and friends, and people who want to gain his favor. Just knowing these facts about my dad, what is your impression of him? Unhealthy? Sickly? Neglectful of his body?

While I do agree that he has to quit his vices, I do admire how he tries to make up for it. You see, my dad maintains his weight–and he does it well. When he notices that he is a little overweight, he will immediately cut his food portions and he will put on his running shoes in the morning to jog several kilometers. Sometimes, he will even go back home, get on his bicycle and go around several more kilometers–all these in one morning before he heads to work. Then one week later, poof! He’s back to his ideal weight. My dad doesn’t just do this when he puts on a few pounds. He also gets back on track (literally) when he feels weak or easily tired.

But what sticks to me about my dad’s fitness non-routine is what he says–mostly to me, his lazy-ass daughter–when he gets home after his morning workout.

I beat myself. When I woke up this morning I thought I can’t run [or bike], but I just did and I proved to myself I can do it.

Wonderful, isn’t it? Somebody said that we are our own worst critic. For most of us, we are our own worst heckler, too. But what should you do if a part of you is saying you can’t do something–whether it’s to lose weight, or craft something, or lead your own team? Should you listen to him/her, or should you prove them wrong?

I hope you choose the latter option.

NEW Meta Monday – February 2015: A Mozzarella Orange v2.0

We are already into the 2nd month of 2015–time sure flies fast! I made a promise to myself (and you guys) that I will post more regularly, and even though I am still struggling with this, I believe that things are looking up and soon you will see more of me and my writings on your Reader and/or in your email.

To show that I am taking this blogging thing more seriously, I made some major updates for AMO, which I would like to geek out about in this new themed post called “Meta Monday”–

New theme: Penscratch

I chose Penscratch as my new theme because it’s minimalist, which gives me a lot of room for customization. Of course, I started taking advantage of this by putting my first custom header everrr.


I created the header in Adobe Photoshop, following the header dimensions specified in the Custom Design page. I got the fonts from, which offers a lot of free fonts for personal/non-commercial use.  As for the orange and pink backgrounds, I used one of the default brushes and veeerrryyy carefully slid it across the letters. Guess how many times I did that before getting satisfied with the results? Wrong. Just kidding, I actually didn’t count.

About page

I remember impossiblebebong once looked for my About page and wondered where it is, and I admitted that I haven’t made one yet. See what kind of a blogger I am? This part of any profile is the most difficult for me to fill out. Even in my social media accounts like Facebook, I actually left “About me” blank. However, a blog needs to have a page that explains what it is and who’s updating it, so I finally created one. I looked at several blogs’ About pages for inspiration and this is what I came up with. Let me know what you think.

Widgety Widgets

I also updated my widgets that I thought would suit the current state of this blog. These include:

  • Disclaimer – Sometimes, my opinions may ruffle some feathers. Of course, the actual disclaimer paragraph sounded too serious, so I put up a silly version instead, which I found here.
  • Subscribe/follow button – When you click this, you can receive my new posts via email or see them on your Reader, you know, in case you find my blog interesting enough.
  • Archives – So you can go through ALL my posts from the beginning. No idea why you’d want to do that, though.
  • Tag cloud (which doesn’t look like a cloud at all) – In case you want to see what I usually blog about.
  • My Twitter posts – I deleted my old account a few months back, which I regret now. However, as part of the big plan I have for this blog, I decided to make a new one and am trying to post regularly there as well. Follow my feed if you find them interesting, and I promise I’ll follow yours back.
  • Blogs I follow – I am continuously discovering and following blogs on WordPress and I thought I should showcase them so my readers can check them out as well.

New posting frequency and more

Before, I only aimed to publish once a week on a Saturday. But starting February I will post once or twice a week–specifically every Monday and Saturday. And as part of the greater scheme of things, posts on these days will be under a different theme–which I have put up in the menu on top as categories, as follows:

  • Storytelling Saturdays – This is when I will publish posts that usually contain around 1,000 words that would look like a journal entry or my responses to writing prompts or writing challenges.
  • Meta Mondays – I will publish posts just like this one every first Monday of the month to share some of the site’s new features I want to bring to your attention as well as a roundup of the previous months’ posts you may have missed.

Posts you may have missed

Last month, I published 1 aside post and 3 standard posts. While I only put up the aside post to greet everyone a happy new year and explain my absence, I was able to share long posts that were published on a Saturday or Sunday (here in the Philippines, at least). These are:

An Obligatory New Year’s Post – In which I shared what I learned in 2014 and what I resolve to be/do this year, including my promise to make this blog more active.

Daddy Dearest – Inspired by one of caseyalexander’s blog posts, I shared an old travel article I wrote for my feature writing class in college.

What I Wanted To Be When I Grow Up vs. What I Am Now As A Grown Up – My most recent post, it is actually the first part of a series I am writing about my career aspirations.

I also republished an old blog post from January last year that used to be private. It’s funny and frustrating how I can’t remain consistent. First I warned that I’ll be writing a lot about my SO, then I said I will avoid writing about him, and yet I still managed to publish a couple of posts about him (1, 2). Well I’m not sorry, this is my personal blog after all, but I still maintain my promise to not make my writings all about him. That’s what secret diaries are for.

IT’S YOUR TURN TO SHARE: What recent change(s) did you make on your blog that you are excited/happy/satisfied about? What blog post did you publish last month that you are most proud of?